The first Natural Toothpaste Ecodont

The toothpaste Ecodont is a worldwide novelty in the field of cosmetics used for the careof teeth and mouth. Ecodont  toothpaste is  produced on the  oil based  ingredients of  completely natural  origin. The ingredients used  for production of Ecodont are pharmaceutically pure as used in food industry. The components of Ecodont  toothpaste are similar to "oil - therapy". it does not contain  agressive chemicals, preservatives, detergent, no  any harmful  salts. Ecodont does  not contain  toxic ions of fluoride. The action of  Ecodont as a product for  daily care has been tested and clinically approved. Ecodont is certified natural product.


Calcium sulfate (Gypsum), Vegetable oill, Glycerine, Essential oils (Citrus grandis, Citrus limonum, Mantha viridis, Eucalyptus globulus, Citrus dulci) also Aspartam and other fragrance substances


  • Rinse teeth and mouth with water after each meal, or at least twice a day (in the morning and evening).
  • Put the Ecodont toothpaste on soft, dry toothbrush and brush the outer and inner side of teeth with circular motion for one minute, holding the brush at 45 degrees angle to the ine with the gum.
  • After brushing rinse the mouth with water. Since Ecodont toothpaste is nontoxic, rinsing with water is not necessary, omitting the step of rinsing enhances the action of the toothpaste. Its excess will be washed out by saliva.
  • It is recommended to wash teeth after each meal.
  • In case of paradentosis  and gingivitis Ecodont  toothpaste removes gum inflamation and  bleedig just after few days. It radically stops the plaques formation, and removes the plaques already build. In case of severe paradentosis it is recommended to see a dentist for removal of plaques.
  • Ecodont not only  removes bacterial films from teeth but also the stains of nicotine, tea, coffee and etc.
  • When washing teeth, Ecodont covers them with a protective film, wich acts against bacterial infections and caries.


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